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About the Office

Yahel Ben Oved Law Office was founded in 2006 by Yahel Ben-Oved Adv; the Office employs two attorneys and three administrative workers. Yahel Ben Oved Law Office had grown rapidly and attained substantial achievements in the field of criminal law. Our Office is characterized by judicial creativity and uncompromising professionalism, and is fully recruited in favor of the client. Our Office renders a variety of legal services, by way that facilitates interdisciplinary work and broad capabilities of analyzing legal issues involving criminal law. The Office represents its clients in all legal instances (Magistrate's, District and Supreme Courts) and in a wide range of criminal offenses.

Our Office places great emphasis on the preliminary procedures of filing indictments and accompanies its clients in all stages of the legal proceeding, from the police interrogation and arrest procedures, to the evidence hearings in court.

The Office staff consists of experts in Criminal Law, including senior lecturers in this field, who work regularly with the various State Attorney divisions.

Our Office stands-out among the numerous criminal law offices and it intentionally and by definition refrains from representing known criminals with a history of criminal entanglements with the Law. The Office clients are in most cases either suspects or defendants whose current complication with the law is a first for them.

Our Office is located in the very heart of Tel-Aviv; a short walk from the Magistrates, District Court of Tel-Aviv, the State Attorney - Central District and from all other government institutions.

Areas of Practice

Yahel Ben Oved Law Office specializes in representing non-criminal persons under interrogation / suspects / defendants whose current entanglement with the law is a first for them. Throughout the entire legal proceeding, and at times even during the interrogation, our Office meticulously ensures the proceedings are kept behind closed doors and strictly protects the privacy of its clients. Our Office accompanies the client from the interrogation at the police station, throughout the hearings in the various State Attorney offices and unto the court proceedings.

Most of the Office clients are non-criminal suspects / defendants; such people that have been complicated as suspects and defendants in a crime for the first time in their lives. At times, they are suspected without doing any wrong, sometimes they are accused exaggeratedly in relation to their actions in reality, and in such an irregular manner that does not characterize their way of life. Are clients are often innocent and happen to be in the place of a severe criminal event and, due to incorrect conduct, the case had swelled to disproportional dimensions.

Furthermore, our Office specializes in closing criminal cases before trial, in non-judicial petitions (Attorney General of Israel, Head of the Criminal Prosecution and Investigation Officers in the various districts) and in methodical handling of pretrial proceedings. In addition, our Office knows how to take full advantage of the many opportunities the court gives such suspects that are not real criminals, and leverages these means to prevent indictment.

Fields of Expertise

Our Office represents its clients in all legal instances (Magistrate's, District and Supreme Courts) and in a wide range of criminal offenses:

  • Representation in offences of embezzlement, fraud and breach of trust: forgery, bribe, disruption of trial proceedings.
  • Representation in physical-damage offenses: murder, manslaughter, sexual offenses, domestic violence.
  • Representation in property offenses: blackmail, extortion, trespass, burglary, theft, robbery.
  • Representation in offenses pursuant to the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance: self-use, possession, traficking, importing.
  • Counsel and accompanying in police interrogations.
  • Representation in military offenses: deserters (defectors), illegal substances, taking out weapons, abuse.
  • Representation of prisoners: convict petitions, one-third committees, and interaction with the Israel Prison Service.
  • Counsel and accompanying in interrogation, pursuant to the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law.
  • Representation in business licensing offenses: running a business without a license, nuisances.
  • Representation in planning and building offences: demolition orders, deviant use, etc.
  • Representation in offences pursuant to the Youth Law.
  • Representation of crime victims.
  • Representation in hearings and managing cases of money laundering.
  • Counsel and representation of suspects with police interrogators and in hearings before the various State Attorney offices.
  • Extraditions operating in the framework of the extradition laws in Israel and overseas.
  • Specializing in expungement of criminal indictments and criminal records, and maintaining the rights of the individual with the record.


Attorney Yahel Ben-Oved
Yahel Ben-Oved Adv. is a graduate of Law, LL.B

Yahel Ben-Oved

Founder and partner in the Office and a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2006. Yahel Ben-Oved Adv. specializes in Criminal Law and white-collar crimes; Yahel Ben-Oved Adv. had completed her LL.B studies, at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, with honors.

Between years 2005-2006, she had taken her internship at the Attorney General Crime Division of Tel-Aviv District, under the supervision of Deputy District Attorney General, Ziva Kendel Adv.

Yahel Ben-Oved Adv. is an Israeli military defense-lawyer, admitted by the Defense Lawyers Certification Committee, and holds a non-restricted security permit to represent soldiers in military courts.

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